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Tricks on How to Induce Labor

inducing-laborEach one of my daughters was born either on their due date or early. By the last month of pregnancy I, like other pregnant women, was done. I wanted the baby out. I was huge and uncomfortable. I worked up until I delivered each of my girls…so another plus to having the baby was not having to work for a while. As soon as I hit 38 weeks, I was ready. With each girl, I did similar things to make sure I would deliver early or at least on time! Here are some things that I did that worked!! (more…)

Pregnant? Check this out!

BabySteps_Calendar_1 (1)Are you pregnant or know someone that is? This scratch off calendar is great! There are many apps and websites that can offer similar information, but there is something about scratching off each day that feels exciting! I am NOT pregnant, so when I received this for free I gave it to my friend who it! She didn’t want to be in the picture because not everyone knows she is pregnant yet! She has 2 small children and she said they LOVE scratching off a square each day! She is planning to take her monthly belly picture next to the calendar! (more…)