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Tricks on How to Induce Labor

inducing-laborEach one of my daughters was born either on their due date or early. By the last month of pregnancy I, like other pregnant women, was done. I wanted the baby out. I was huge and uncomfortable. I worked up until I delivered each of my girls…so another plus to having the baby was not having to work for a while. As soon as I hit 38 weeks, I was ready. With each girl, I did similar things to make sure I would deliver early or at least on time! Here are some things that I did that worked!! (more…)

Tips to Make Flying with Kids Easier!

tips-for-flying-with-kidsWe are going to Disney in less then 2 weeks! I seriously can not wait. I have been to Disney several times in my life and I LOVE it there. My husband has been a few times also. But our girls, have never been! I seriously tear up just thinking about them walking into the park for the first time. Everything about Disney is so magical! Everything, except the idea of flying with 3 little kids! This will be the first time my 4 year old and 2 year old have been on a plane. Are you traveling with little ones? Want some tips? Check these out! (more…)

Have a Better Beach Day with the Kids! Tips and Tricks!

Have a better beach day Summer is here! I love the summer, it means warm weather, long days, pool, and the beach! Got little kids? I do…3 of them! Here are some useful items to bring to the beach.

Baby Powder
This magical powder is not just for bums! Baby powder is great for getting sand off of hands! Towel dry your child’s hands and then sprinkle with baby powder. Have your child rub the powder all over their hands. If you have never tried this before, prepare to be amazed! Baby powder is a must have for the beach! (more…)

The Sneeve?!


Seriously, this is a thing! Growing up, we were taught to cover our mouths when we coughed or sneezed. Now, kids are taught to sneeze and cough into their elbows. This makes sense….but can get messy! I recently came across the Sneeve. First, I laughed…a lot…but now I am thinking this might be a good investment!

This product even caught the eye of the Huffington Post . What are your thoughts on the Sneeve?