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11 Things No One Tells You About Disney

11-things-no-one-tells-you-about-disneyGoing to Disney has the same affect on a person that giving birth does. During the experience, it is painful and tough…there are moments that you are not sure you are going to survive. Tears and sweat flow from your body uncontrollably. There are also magical and joyful moments. During the whole thing, you think to yourself (and may even shout to your partner) “I will never do this again”. But once it is all over, you forget. You forget the tears, the sweat, the anxiety, and the pain…you look at the pictures and smile. You remember the happiness that went along with the moments and forget the bad. This…this is Disney. Disney will do this to you. It did it to me. I am only a few days Post Disney Vacation and I have already started to plan our return visit. So, here they are…what you should know, but no one tells you! (more…)

Tips for Doing Disney with Little Kids!

Disney with little kidsHaving not been to Disney in about 10 years, I was pumped to head back. I was even more excited to share the experience with my children! We started planning our Disney experience almost a year ago…and I am glad we did! There are 2 different ways to do Disney. The first way is to plan…plan some more…and then have a back up plan. Planning for Disney helps to ensure you get to ride all the rides, meet all the characters, and experience everything you want without having to wait hours in line! Then, there is the second way to do Disney…show up and hope for the best. My personality doesn’t really allow for the “show up and hope for the best” method. Plus, we only plan to do Disney once maybe twice with the girls…so I needed to make the best of the trip! Here are my tips and tricks that can help you! (more…)