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My Workout Journey…Day 2

mommys-work-outFor some unknown and awful reason I woke up at 3:20 am this morning. How do I know the exact time? I was wide awake. I did fall back to sleep, thank God! But then at 3:58 am my toddler decided to wake up, get out of her crib, and come to my room. She was fine, maybe she had a bad dream. She went back to bed with no issues. But now, I was wide awake. (more…)

My Workout Journey…Day 1

How moms work outBefore kids, I was in great shape. I loved my body…seriously, loved it! Fast forward 6 years and 3 kids…now I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. Ok, that is a bit extreme..but seriously where did my tight body go?! So many people tell me “you look great”, but I don’t feel great. I know my body will never be like it was before kids, but I know it can be better. We were looking at old pictures the other day and I was shocked by the way I used to look. Seeing myself in the pictures was enough for me to want to change. I made up my mind…I am going to get fit! (more…)

How to Survive a Road Trip With Kids!

Survive long car trips with kidsTuesday afternoon my husband asked me “You want to drive to Florida and spend Easter with my dad?” My response, “sure”! I had off from work for Spring Break, so why not! The idea of being in the car for 18 hours was just an idea, not a reality. My first thought was to have no expectations and to plan for the worst. Overall, the car ride to and from Florida went really well. The girls did great in the car! Here are some tips to surviving a long car ride with little kids! (more…)

Pregnant? Check this out!

BabySteps_Calendar_1 (1)Are you pregnant or know someone that is? This scratch off calendar is great! There are many apps and websites that can offer similar information, but there is something about scratching off each day that feels exciting! I am NOT pregnant, so when I received this for free I gave it to my friend who it! She didn’t want to be in the picture because not everyone knows she is pregnant yet! She has 2 small children and she said they LOVE scratching off a square each day! She is planning to take her monthly belly picture next to the calendar! (more…)

DIY Cleaning Products

Guest Post by: Ellie Price
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When you make your own DIY cleaning products you control what ingredients you use and avoid the danger which sold preparations pose. Making your own cleaning detergents will save you time and protect your health. Use the recipes and ideas presented here to substitute the harsh chemicals that are sold on the markets with natural ingredients.

DIY household cleaners

Car Upholstery Cleaner

You need three main ingredients which are cheap and easy to find to make this cleaner: Borax, soap and water. If you prefer you can add lavender essential oil to make the cleaner smell nicer. Mix and stir grated soap, boiling water and Borax (and essential oil if you intend to add) until the solution becomes foamy. Wait for the soap to dissolve in the water completely. Use this cleaning product to scrub the upholstery of your car and it will be as clean as new. (more…)

Fanny Pack is the way to go!

If you have little kids, you need this!I have been wanting a fanny pack for a while. Stop laughing and listen up! Having 3 kids ages 5 and under is not easy, especially when you are out and about. I don’t need to carry much, but the stuff I do need to carry is important! My phone, keys, money, and a diaper are the essentials right now. Having a fanny pack makes my life so much easier! I can’t wait until the spring…going to rock my fanny pack at the amusement park all season long! We are also heading to Disney in November and I plan to wear this fanny pack the whole time! (more…)