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The dreaded phone call!

bloggerIt was 12:30 on Monday…I was eating lunch at my desk (as usual) and my cell phone started to ring. My heart dropped when I saw who was calling. It was the preschool where Franki and Joey go. “Shit, someone is either sick or hurt. Please be hurt…but not too hurt I have to go get them…crap!” I picked up the phone. “Hi, this is Mrs X calling from MLH.” The woman on the phone was so perky. “Hi” I replied “What’s wrong?” I cut right to the chase…just give it to me straight lady! “I just wanted to let you know that Joey was acting very lethargic this morning, so we took her temperature and it was 101.7” DAMNIT I scream in my head. (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 7

suck-it-up-so-someday-you-wont-suck-it-inHad a glass of wine last night…mistake! Before working out, I would have a glass of red wine after the girls went to bed almost every night…don’t judge, it is good for your cholesterol! Anyways, since starting to work out, I haven’t had wine during the week. One of my friends stopped by last night and brought wine. Of course I couldn’t let her drink alone. So, I had one glass…it tasted like heaven…lush, Cabernet heaven! (more…)

School Friend’s Birthday Parties…Game Changer!

birthday-cake-380178This weekend, Joey was invited to a birthday party for a boy in her class. I have never met him…never met his parents…I couldn’t pick this kid out of a line up. Preschool is tough. A lot of the parents drop off and pick up at odd times. There is no PTO or family nights, so it is tough to get to know people. You start making friend with the people you see at drop and pick up. Unfortunately,¬†Brett drops off…and he isn’t the most social in the morning. I pick the girls up, but by then they are in after care…so all the classes are pooled together. So I have no idea who is in their classes. (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 6

dont-quitI had to take the weekend off because of my husband’s work schedule. Sleeping until 6:30 AM on Saturday was amazing! I felt like a million bucks! And then around noon, I felt like I hit a wall. It was so strange…but I felt awful. My husband and I wanted to go out for dinner and I told him that I needed a nap first! Sunday there were no boot camp classes, so going wasn’t an option. And again, I felt super tired on Sunday. Exercise has really changed me for the better! I have more energy and I am happier! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 5

stop-making-excusesGoing into to this whole experience, I told myself that I needed to do it 5 days in a row. I don’t know why, but 5 days in a row was my goal. I felt like if I could get up early and workout 5 days in a row…then I could continue doing it. I can look back on this week and tell myself “hey, you did it already so you can do it again!” Today was day 5 and I made it! (more…)

Stop Telling Your Baby She’s Fat!

baby-bad-body-imageI can take a joke…seriously, I can. I have an dirty sense of humor too. And sometimes, things that are just so inappropriate, make me laugh. You know this about me if you have ever played Cards Against Humanity with me! This picture is a good example. When I first saw it, I chuckled. But then I thought about it. The one on the right says “I’m super”. I am guessing that this one is intended for boys…not that a girl can’t wear it…but come on, it’s for a boy. And then the purple one on the left is funny, but negative. (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 4

sweat-fat-cryingI am waiting for it to get easier to wake up in the morning. Seriously, so many people get up at 5:00 AM every day. HOW DO THEY DO IT!? My husband fell asleep on the couch last night…so when the alarm went off, I was on my own. It was so tempting to roll over and just go back to sleep. “I can have 1 day off. No, you are already awake just get up. But, I am so tired. Come on, you said you were going to do this…get up. Ugh, it hurts. You will feel great once you are done.” This was my conversation with myself this morning. I guess I am a good motivator, because it worked! (more…)

Trick Your Kids Into Eating Their Fruits and Veggies!


Kids are so fickle with eating. One day my girls love something and the next, they push it away in disgust. Whenever I am with my mommy friends one of the main topics discussed is food! “My son won’t eat any vegetables” “My child will only eat carrots, no other veggies” “My son only eats pizza, chicken nuggets, and pasta” “My daughter hates fruit!”. Before you judge, know that some of my friends have kids with special needs and autism. And the bottom line is that they¬†are doing the best they can…just like the rest of us! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 3

moms-can-run-tooI remember getting up but I don’t remember the drive to the gym. Seriously, I think I was on auto pilot. I got into the car, cursed the seats for being so cold, and poof I was there! I was greeted by smiling faces, so that’s a plus. It’s crazy how happy people are first thing in the morning. But those smiles quickly faded and turned to determined sweaty faces! (more…)

Get a Pet!

benefits-of-petsGrowing up we weren’t allowed to have animals. My dad claimed to be allergic…I say “claimed” because my parents now own a cat. My sister and I longed to have a pet, a cuddly friend to hug and love! But, that day didn’t come until we moved in together after college. We got 2 cats, Austin and Frankie, and we were in heaven! I love having pets. When I met my husband we got a Boxer, Rosie, together and I can’t imagine life without a dog! (more…)