How to save more money using Groupon!

groupon couponsWe are going to Disney in November. I can not wait…it is going to be magical! What is not magical, is the cost! It is amazing how much money a trip to Disney for a family of 5 costs. We figured out that we could redo one of our bathrooms for the cost of this trip. But, let’s not think about that…Disney is magical and worth it! At least that is what I keep telling my husband! (more…)

Spicy Sweet and Sour Wings

Spicy sweet and sour wingsI was in the mood for wings the other night and made up this recipe! I made sure to measure and pay attention to what I was doing so I could post it. My hubby and I couldn’t stop eating these! Note, I use frozen wings…I honestly feel that the fresh ones get dried up too much in the oven. What makes my baked wings so good? I bake them on a cookie drying rack…this helps them to crisp up all the way around! (more…)

Take Back Mother’s Day

Take back Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day and the sun is shining…the birds are chirping…and you have just awoken from a glorious slumber. What’s that? A quiet tap on the door. “Enter” you sing sweetly as your 3 adorable children enter. Your doting husband is following closely behind carrying a tray with a single cut flower, a delicious omelette, and a mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice. Your children are giggling and hiding something behind their backs. They promptly shower you with hugs and kisses and homemade cards. Once they have finished your husband tells them to “let mom have some alone time to enjoy her breakfast.” Your children leave, but not before telling you how much they love you and blowing you air kisses! You husband sits on the edge of the bed, thanks you for all you do for your family, and presents you with the necklace you have been longing for. “Take your time getting up” he whispers “I will take the kids to the park to play.” YEAH RIGHT! Sorry to ruin it for you…but this daydream is not going to happen…not in my house any how! Let me tell you how Mother’s Day really goes down! (more…)

What’s In Your Baby Wipes?

What's in your baby wipesIf you have a baby, toddler, or even a grown kid…chances are you have baby wipes in your house! We have baby wipes in every bathroom in our house. I keep a small thing of baby wipes in my car and in my purse! Need to wipe something up, grab a baby wipe…daughter has chocolate on her face, grab a baby wipe…need to wipe your child’s hands, grab a baby wipe. But do we really know what is in our baby wipes? (more…)

Does All Natural Deodorant Work?

All Natural Deodorant Are you looking for an all natural deodorant that actually works? I know I was! This post is 100% not sponsored…I did not get this for free and was not asked to write this by the Piper Wai company. I am just so passionate about products that I love, I have to share this! I was watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago and saw Piper Wai on the show. I have tried SEVERAL all natural deodorants and they never work. I was skeptical at first, but read a lot of reviews about Piper Wai so I figured I would give it a try. Due to the popularity of the Shark Tank episode, the deodorant was on back order. After waiting about 2 weeks, it finally arrived! I was so excited. I read the directions and applied it. (more…)

I get by with a little help from my friends!

friends are lifesaversDear Friend,

You came over with a bottle of wine. You saw dishes in the sink and rolled up your sleeves and started to put them in the dishwasher. The best part, you smiled while doing it. Once we made our way into the living room, you scanned the room and saw 3 kids sitting on the couch that needed baths..”okay girls, bath time”. (more…)

Raising Baby Ducks

caring for ducklingsI know they are called ducklings…but it’s more fun to say baby ducks. This is our 3rd go around with baby ducks. Nature took its course the past 2 times and they ended up being dinner for wild animals. Two years ago the pond froze over so badly that the ducks were not able to escape an attack by a pack of coyotes. And last year, only 1 duckling survived a raccoon attack. After each loss, we learned. Hoping that this time, they will all survive! Our 1 year old duck, Daisy, needs some duck friends…she thinks she is a chicken!! (more…)

Breakfast for Dinner…It’s Okay!

breakfast-for-dinnerI try to make a wholesome meal for my girls every night. Being a full time working mom does not make it easy to have dinner ready when we get home! I try to hold the girls off until 5:00 PM, but sometimes they want to eat around 4:00 – 4:30! Sundays are my meal prep days. I try to get everything prepped and ready on Sunday, this way I just have to heat stuff up during the week. Well, we all know that sometimes even the perfect plan gets messed up and shit doesn’t happen the way it is supposed to! This past weekend we were busy with softball games, birthday parties, and BBQs…so meal prep did not happen! (more…)