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Lunch ideas for kids…even picky eaters!

Lunch ideas for picky eatersI like to think of picky eaters as small adults with unrefined pallets. Because really, that is what they are. A friend of mine was super stressed last year. Her son just started school and all he wanted every day was a bagel. “I can’t just send him with a bagel for lunch everyday” she texted me. At the time, I was actually working lunch duty at my school (I work in a high school) and low and behold the girl sitting at the table in front of me was eating a bagel! I told my friend about this later and we both laughed. “High school kids are taking bagels for lunch”, I told her “so don’t stress.” Seriously, as long as they are eating something…don’t stress! I ate peanut butter and jelly everyday in high school…yup…every single day! I had to make my own lunch and it was easy to make. It was also filling…so that is what I ate. I too was a picky eater growing up. Actually, if you asked my husband he would say that I was picky until recently! My dad laughs because when we would go out to eat when I was younger I would only order spaghetti and sauce…that was it! So who am I to judge the picky eaters of the world!? Here are some outside of the sandwich ideas for your picky eaters: (more…)

The best time to pack lunch!

coffee-break-1291381_1920 It’s late. And by late, I don’t mean “oops I slept in 10 minutes” late. I mean “the school bus will be barreling down the road in approximately  10 minutes and everyone is still sleeping” late! After turning on all the lights and tossing everyone out of their beds, you realize that because you had that second glass of Cabernet last night you forgot to pack lunches. CRAP! So what’s the plan? Open the fridge, grab some stuff, throw it in plastic bags, and hope for the best? Wait! You forgot to grab bread at the store…and cheese…and carrots….well screw it you are out of almost everything….so you throw your kid $5.00 and hope it’s pizza day!  (more…)

Dear Kindergarten Parent

First Time Kindergarten Parent Your oldest child is going to Kindergarten. How do you feel about that? When asking around, I get a variety of answers. Some say they are sad. Others say they are anxious. And some say they are excited. I was the later, I was super excited for Nicki last year. Okay, so I was a little sad and a little nervous too! Now that my eldest is heading into first grade, I look back at last year and realized I learned a lot her first year of school. (more…)

Why this mom loves Pokemon Go

How to use Pokemon Go for good If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go…you have either been in a coma for the past few months OR you live in a cave with no access to the outside world. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm and I love it. A stupid game for 20’something year olds? I think not. Pokemon Go is a great game for the whole family to play…which is why you need it, now! (more…)

Today will be better.

Today will be betterI don’t know any mom that goes to bed at night thinking “wow, everything today went perfect…just like yesterday! I did everything right and my kids were perfect too!” If you are out there, please email me…we need to talk. For the rest of us, the struggle is real. And I am not talking about trying to get melted marshmallows out of the car seat or figuring out what to make for dinner. I am talking about every day….second guessing, comparing, doubting, and feeling bad about…well almost everything. But, today…today will be better. (more…)

How to get to the pool…with 3 kids!

pool-1227098_1920It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the weather app on my phone said it is going to be in the mid 90’s…so the pool it is! I love being at the pool with the girls…getting there is another story! My 2 year old wakes us up at 6:30 am every day, so we are super lucky to get an early start on the day. How does the morning work with getting everything packed and 3 kids ready and out the door? Well, something like this… (more…)

Surviving the Summer with Kids

Survive the summer The days are long, the air is warm, and the fridge is bare…yup, it’s summer! Every year, I tell myself that “this summer will be the best summer yet!” I make a mental list of all the things I am going to do different. I make a list of all the places and things we will do…and then poof, just like that the summer is over. I always look back and remember having a great time with my girls…and exhaustion, I always remember being super tired! But, we have fun. Every day is packed with fun! So, how do I do it? Here are my tricks to having a great summer and surviving to talk about it! (more…)

I am learning to juggle…working mommy goes back to school!

Being a working mom and going back to schoolI am doing it…and I am doing the best I can! Juggling working full time and going back to school was tough before I had kids. Once I had my first daughter, I had to put my studies on a time out. That time out lasted longer then I would have liked, but I am back at it! A lot has changed in the past 5 years as it relates to working professionals getting their masters. Now, there are so many online options. This is great for working moms…heck this is great for everyone! Here is how I am juggling it all…did I mention I don’t know how to juggle! (more…)

Are you ready to be a mommy?

are-you-ready-to-be-a-mommyA friend recently got married and the topic of kids came up. “You going to have any kids?” I asked as my little one was climbing all over me…meanwhile I was balancing my wine glass…never spilled a drop! “I think so.” She replied. That’s not good, I thought, you can’t think you want kids…you have to KNOW. You need to be all in if you are thinking about having kids. Having kids is not like picking out a new pair of shoes. If they start annoying you, you can’t put them back in their box and put them in your closet….although that sounds tempting! So how do you know when you are ready to have kids? (more…)