Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

cutest-baby-gnome-costume-19734I love Halloween! It is a fun time of year. Kids and adults get to dress up and play pretend! The best part is that it is not only encouraged, but people will give you candy for doing it too! Even though Halloween is a month away…you need to start figuring out what costumes you and the kiddos will be wearing! Check out these easy to make & super creative ideas!!  (more…)

The PTO is not evil!

the_pto_is_not_evilAt some point in time the PTO got a bad rap. Seriously, even in the movie “Bad Moms” (which I loved by the way) the PTO got a bad rap! I will say, proudly, that I am on the PTO at my daughter’s school…and they aren’t the blood sucking, attention seeking, no fun people that everyone thinks. I swear they aren’t! Have you looked into the PTO (sometimes called the PTA) at your school? You will be pleasantly surprised… (more…)

Get the Perfect Picture on Picture Day!

Circa 1987
Circa 1987

The day is fast approaching. It will be here before you know. You have been giving your child extra vitamins and avoiding germs…they can not be sick on the big day! I am talking about Picture Day, of course! My oldest daughter’s picture day is tomorrow. The PTO in her school is on the ball. The idea behind having it so early in the school year, less absences. I like where their heads are! Making sure your child is there for picture day is half the battle… (more…)

Chicken & Sausage Meatballs Recipe

Chicken Sausage MeatballsMade these this weekend and they were amazing! I was in the mood for pasta and meatballs this weekend and we had ground chicken and sausage on hand. So here is what i did with it! Please note, you can do this recipe in the crock pot or stove top! For crock pot, high temp 3-4 hours and low temp 6-7 hours.


Lunch ideas for kids…even picky eaters!

Lunch ideas for picky eatersI like to think of picky eaters as small adults with unrefined pallets. Because really, that is what they are. A friend of mine was super stressed last year. Her son just started school and all he wanted every day was a bagel. “I can’t just send him with a bagel for lunch everyday” she texted me. At the time, I was actually working lunch duty at my school (I work in a high school) and low and behold the girl sitting at the table in front of me was eating a bagel! I told my friend about this later and we both laughed. “High school kids are taking bagels for lunch”, I told her “so don’t stress.” Seriously, as long as they are eating something…don’t stress! I ate peanut butter and jelly everyday in high school…yup…every single day! I had to make my own lunch and it was easy to make. It was also filling…so that is what I ate. I too was a picky eater growing up. Actually, if you asked my husband he would say that I was picky until recently! My dad laughs because when we would go out to eat when I was younger I would only order spaghetti and sauce…that was it! So who am I to judge the picky eaters of the world!? Here are some outside of the sandwich ideas for your picky eaters: (more…)

The best time to pack lunch!

coffee-break-1291381_1920 It’s late. And by late, I don’t mean “oops I slept in 10 minutes” late. I mean “the school bus will be barreling down the road in approximately  10 minutes and everyone is still sleeping” late! After turning on all the lights and tossing everyone out of their beds, you realize that because you had that second glass of Cabernet last night you forgot to pack lunches. CRAP! So what’s the plan? Open the fridge, grab some stuff, throw it in plastic bags, and hope for the best? Wait! You forgot to grab bread at the store…and cheese…and carrots….well screw it you are out of almost everything….so you throw your kid $5.00 and hope it’s pizza day!  (more…)

Groupon is one stop shopping!

Groupon GoodsI love shopping online. Bringing 3 kids anywhere is a chore. Getting them in the car…getting them out of the car…making sure they don’t break anything in the store…purchasing just what I need, not what they bug me to buy…getting them back into the car…and driving home. Yeah, it’s a process! If I can spare myself trips to stores or malls, I do! I would rather spend time doing fun stuff with my girls…maybe when they are older they will like shopping with me! But for now, online it is! I recently discovered Groupon Goods. I am sure that you already use Groupon for fun activities like Escape the Room or dinner discounts. But, did you know that Groupon has so much more!? (more…)

Dear Kindergarten Parent

First Time Kindergarten Parent Your oldest child is going to Kindergarten. How do you feel about that? When asking around, I get a variety of answers. Some say they are sad. Others say they are anxious. And some say they are excited. I was the later, I was super excited for Nicki last year. Okay, so I was a little sad and a little nervous too! Now that my eldest is heading into first grade, I look back at last year and realized I learned a lot her first year of school. (more…)

Why this mom loves Pokemon Go

How to use Pokemon Go for good If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go…you have either been in a coma for the past few months OR you live in a cave with no access to the outside world. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm and I love it. A stupid game for 20’something year olds? I think not. Pokemon Go is a great game for the whole family to play…which is why you need it, now! (more…)