I love giving gifts! The joy on people’s faces when opening up something I gave them is the best! Homemade gifts are even better…especially when I can enlist the help of the girls. The Holidays are quickly approaching, so I need to start getting into gift making gear! Here are some fun and creative gifts you can make this season!

Ice Cream Sundae in a Box
Who doesn’t love ice cream…well actually I do have one friend that doesn’t! But other then her, everyone loves ice cream! You can scale this as large or small as you want! Buy the supplies and make several boxes at once! You will be the talk of the Holiday season with this awesome box! (SmashedPeasAndCarrots)

Hot Chocolate in a Jar
Last year, with help from Nicki, we made these for all the girls’ teachers. They were a hit! So many of them told me how thoughtful and yummy they were! I covered the tops with tissue paper and tied a fun ribbon around. The attached card had a cute message along with instructions on how to make the hot chocolate.

Gift in a Cup
The $1 store sells the hard plastic cups with straws…perfect way to display a fun gift! Grab a cup, some candy, nail polish, or other fun accessories! Add a gift card and you are all set!

Fun – One of a Kind Book Marks
You can really have a good time with making these!! Get the kids in a silly mood and start taking pictures! These would be great for teachers, grandparents, or anyone that loves to read and loves yours kids! (RedflyCreations)
Photo Bookmarks

Sharpie Mug
I have been seeing these mugs all over Pinterest and am thinking about making them this year! After doing a lot of research, it seems that the design will wash off. That would stink! So take a look at this bloggers idea! I am going to let the girls decorate mugs for their teachers and fill them with candy or something else cute. (stay tuned!)


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