How To Create A Birthday Candy Buffet For A Child
Candy buffets in big demand for birthday parties.  They take the place of the traditional party favors, that usually end up in the trash.  Creating a candy buffet will be the highlight of the party and a memorable event for your little party goers.

Below is step-by-step DIY instructions that will help you create your candy buffet and a perfect memory:

Choosing a theme and colors

For our birthday party theme for a toddler boy we have chosen a bug party. Insects are fascinating to little boys and plastic insects are available in bright colors and different sizes. (please choose toys that are safe) For our choice of colors, we have chosen bright colors.  There will be butterfly nets and lots of plastic insects. Of Course, you can use any theme your little one enjoys. A princes’s theme, puppies, kittens, or superheroes work the same way.

Pick out types of candy

It’s difficult to choose your candy because there are so many choices.  To make it easier divide your candy into four categories.  There is bulk loose candy sold by the pound, individually packaged candy, designer candy/sweets offer one per guest, and display candy.  Sweet Services will help you in your choices.

Setting the table

Set up the table into three zones. You will have a back zone of tall containers of wrapped candy (do not use bulk candy here). Your middle zone contains with three sets of two clear containers to balance the table. And your front zone will be for candy served in trays.

Always use clear containers so the colors show through when using bulk loose candy.  Be sure the openings of the containers are large enough for a scoop or tongs to fit.  


A cool backdrop idea is to hang a mosquito net behind the table with a variety of insects glued on (using a glue gun).  The table will stand in front of the backdrop for a visual effect that impresses guests. Twinkle lights give the illusion of fireflies.


  • Back Zone of Table


Back Zo
ne Use tall containers.  Make sure the containers aren’t too tall to prevent the guests from tipping them over while still being able to reach the candy. This is a good zone for lollipops, suckers, straws, rock candy on a stick and other tall candies that can be retrieved with tongs.


  • Middle Zone of Table


This is where you display bulk loose candy in (3) sets of two apothecaries(clear/wide) jars together to balance the table.  Use six jars to display a lot of candy without taking up too much space. Some suggestions of bulk loose candy are M&M’s, gummy worms (bugs, bears, and various gummy candy), Sixlets, gumballs, chocolate balls, and Tesla’s Tiny Twist Pops. You may find foil wrapped candy that fits the season and novelty candy for birthdays.


  • Front Zone of Table


The front zone is where you will put the individually portioned items such as the cotton candy bags, ribbon candy, mints, and individually wrapped candy.


  • Creating Your Candy Buffet


The first thing your guests will see is your table is your tablecloth and centerpiece.  For our insect theme, we use a green tablecloth and for the centerpiece use a large clear container.  Fill the jar half full or so with a bulk candy mix in with the candy a variety of plastic insects visible through the sides of the jars. Place a butterfly net on one side for effect. Sprinkle the table with plastic insects.  


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