It is a New Year! Hooray…moms all across the nation are ready for a New Year. Mommy resolutions have been in the talks since Thanksgiving dinner. We have all discussed how “this” is our last dessert and how “that” was the last time you will yell at your kids. Because, the new year was coming…and things will be better in the New Year. Things will be better and different. Screw it, things will be perfect in the New Year!

I know many of you mommies out there have been talking about your New Years resolutions since Thanksgiving! Let’s be honest, resolutions are the reason we allow ourselves to eat during the holidays…because we all know that once the clock strikes midnight on New Years, everything will change! And I am sure your resolutions sound something like these; I will start tackling my Pinterest pins like it’s my job! This year, my kids parties will be adorned with homemade decorations and cupcakes that will make Martha Stewart envious! Oh, and this year I will lose the weight I gained from my third child…well it was left over weight from the weight I didn’t lose after my second child…but I blame my third pregnancy. But either way, I will lose it! And this year, I will stop yelling at my kids…well not if they are about to do something that might harm them, then I have to yell to scare them so they don’t get hurt. And I know there will be moments that I am super stressed and really just can’t take it anymore and I might yell. So basically I will try really had to decrease the yelling! And I will put down my phone when I am spending time with my kids and my husband. So, basically I will never look at my phone again because I don’t get a moment alone…so, maybe I will just limit myself to a few hours a day on my phone. My husband and I will spend more time together this year too. We will plan more date nights alone. Hopefully, our kid’s sports and extracurricular activities schedule lends itself to us being able to go out….who schedules these things anyways?? Don’t the people scheduling all the events have lives?

But, if you have been a mommy for more then a year you know that all those resolutions are bull crap. As moms, we put too much stress on ourselves. We hold ourselves to high expectations and we feel like failures when we can’t meet them. So, this year, make New Years Resolutions that you can actually keep! Want to do it? I know I do…so here is what I am going to do. I hope it helps you too!

Be Realistic
I would LOVE to be a size 4. But, I haven’t been a size 4 since college…okay, okay…I haven’t been a size 4 since high school. So what is realistic for me? Losing 10 pounds…over the course of the year. Not trying to lose 10 pounds in a month or two. So that is my resolution…this year I will lose 10 pounds. Set yourself up to succeed in the New Year!

Know Yourself
I love lists. Who doesn’t love lists? They are great. You can stay organized and it feels great to cross stuff off! So, for me to lose weight I need to make lists. I need to set up a workout schedule with one list. And on another list, I need to keep a log of everything I am eating. If you are list maker, make a list of what you want to accomplish! It will feel amazing to cross stuff off!!

Be Specific
Don’t just say that you will stop yelling at your kids. That is not specific at all. And let’s not lie to ourselves, after two weeks into the New Year you will lose your shit and yell at your kids. So try something like this, if you find yourself yelling at your kids at dinner time every night, start there. Figure out why you are yelling and try to set up your dinner routine differently so you don’t yell. If it is at bed time, same thing…figure out what is going on and try to change that!

Tell People
Tell someone else what your resolutions are. When you tell someone else, you will feel more accountable. Ask that person to check in with you every once in a while to see how you are doing too! Having a support system is super helpful!

Be Patient
Nothing happens overnight. You will not lose weight in one day, you will not fix all your issues in one day, and you will not change yourself in one day. So, be patient. Set up a schedule of how long it should take to reach your goal…be realistic! And then, once you have it mapped out, be patient.

I recently read that only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolution. So, I am guessing you didn’t reach your for 2016. Don’t look at last year as a failure. Remember this, “In life we either win or learn. There is no losing, just learning.” Not sure where that came from, but a boss of mine used to say that. It stuck with me and I repeat it to myself daily. Create attainable goals for 2017 and stick with them! It won’t be willpower that gets you through, it will be the strategies you use to obtain your goals. Good luck and have a great 2017!

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