great-gift-guideIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time for cheer, family and friends, and presents! I love finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list. The best part of giving a gift is having the person opening it. And my favorite people to give gifts to are Tiny Humans! Tiny humans (aka children) are the best. They are so happy and excited to get a gift. The joy and excitement on their face is the best part. This year I put together a fun list of items any child would love! The ages for these items are babies to about 6 years old. Enjoy the list and happy shopping!


Little Patient
For just $55, you can get your child a person that unzips and has detachable organs! I don’t know if I should love this toy or hate it. It’s kind of creepy. But I can see it being helpful for kids that need surgery. Or maybe you know a child that is really into anatomy!? Click Here to learn more


Mod Cloth
A dress that your child can color! The dress is about $78, but don’t think about it as a $78 dress. Think about it as an experience! This is perfect for the budding fashion designer in your life! The dress runs a little small, so I would get the next size up. Click here to learn more!

Make Your Own Nail Polish
I love this idea! My girls love painting their nails. The kid runs $35 – $45. It would make any little girl excited to create their own nail polish colors! Once the polish is finished, you can play nail salon! Click Here for more information

Creative Plate
I LOVE this! If you have a picky eater, this might be the gift for you! It is a super fun way to get kids to clear their plates! They have a construction plate and a gardening plate! Both are great options and run about $15. I personally like the construction one better, even for my girls. The flower one is cute, but the construction one is super clever! Click Here to learn more

Teething Mitt
Babies are always chewing on their hands. So why not give your favorite teething baby this adorable teething mitts?! These mitts are $19.  Click Here for more information!

Magnetic Tablet
This is a great sensory gift! The Magnetic Tablet is also great for the creative child that you know. Or an adult to be honest. I could really use this in my office for those times when I just want to zone out! Click Here for more information 

Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Kids love to build. Wooden blocks are always a great gift to give…but when you add magnets to the wooden blocks, they are the best give to give! Check these out on 

OMY Giant Coloring Page
Do you have that super creative kid that just loves to color on the walls?! This might be the gift for them! This poster is GIANT. I love this poster because it will take your little artist a while to finish coloring. For just $30 this can be yours to give!

Boogie Board
One of my daughter’s friends had this and I loved it immediately! It is great. No batteries or technology invovled. It allows kids to create images, make lists, or play simple games! This is a steal at just $25. You can get yours on by clicking here!

Chalk Trail
Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid! My girls LOVE to ride their bikes…and they love to play with chalk! This is the perfect combination of both! Click here to purchase it on






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