tips-for-flying-with-kidsWe are going to Disney in less then 2 weeks! I seriously can not wait. I have been to Disney several times in my life and I LOVE it there. My husband has been a few times also. But our girls, have never been! I seriously tear up just thinking about them walking into the park for the first time. Everything about Disney is so magical! Everything, except the idea of flying with 3 little kids! This will be the first time my 4 year old and 2 year old have been on a plane. Are you traveling with little ones? Want some tips? Check these out!

Keep Your Kids In Mind
When you are booking, keep in mind the times that would work best for your children. If your kids are not morning people, don’t expect to have a great flight at 8:oo am! If your child naps, they may not nap on a plane. If you have no choice when picking the flight times, just be prepared for any melt downs that might occur because of the times. Give yourself some down time once you arrive at your destination. Traveling is exhausting for children. Plan a calm activity for when you arrive at your destination. Our first day in Disney, we are just going to hang by the pool and go out to dinner.

Sit By The Potty
My 4 year old has the smallest bladder in the world! She has to pee every 5 minutes…or at least it feels that way. When I booked our seats, I made sure to book ones that were closet to the bathroom! Nothing worse then trying to walk up and down those tiny aisles of the airplane 30,000 feet in the air with a kid screaming “I gotta pee!” And me trying to play Frogger with the drink cart to get her to the bathroom!

Give Yourself Timehomealone
Everything takes longer with kids….everything! There is a 2 hour rule for flying. You are supposed to get to the airport 2 hours before your flight time. The reason behind this? Getting through security, flight changes, and whatever else could happen! Save yourself the madness of having to run through the airport with toddlers and luggage and get there early! This way, you can go through the check points without stressing that you are going to miss your flight! No one wants to remake the popular scene from the movie Home Alone…you know the one!

Bring Shit to Do
Okay, so you are at the airport uber early…now what?! Bring an iPad, iPhone, and a charger! Bring something to keep your kids entertained. Download some new apps or movies. Bring head phones too! Park your family by an outlet in case of any low battery moments! If you are saving the electronics for the plane ride, create some fun games to play with the kids while sitting at the gate. A scavenger hunt is fun! Click Here for my version of an airport/airplane I Spy! You can also go to your local Dollar Store and grab a “bunch of random shit” (as my friend likes to put it). Anything new is sure to keep them occupied!

Bring Food and Water
Kids are always hungry. I spend most of my day feeding my kids. They are never full. So, any time we travel, I have to bring food! Bring a variety of snacks…cut up apples, carrot sticks, and granola bars are our “Go To” snacks when traveling!

wpid3652-cup7Blast Off
Prepare your kids for what it will be like on the plane. If it is their first time on a plane, they could be excited or nervous…perhaps both! A friend told me that her kids like to do the “Little Einstein’s” Blast Off when they are on a plane. Once on the runway, they pat their legs, and when they take off they shout “blast off”. It is also a good idea to have kids watch videos on airplanes before flying. Check out YouTube for some fun videos!

Ears pop when you take off and land! It is a good idea to bring a snack for kids to munch on while taking off to alleviate the popping sensation. If your child is old enough, provide them with some gum to ease the popping! Kids not old enough for gum? Try lollipops, they will help with the ears popping too! If you have a small baby that is nursing, feel free to nurse during take off and landing…it will help their ears!

Whether you are bringing your own devices for the kids to watch and play games on or the airline is providing a movie, you will need headphones (or earbuds). Make sure to bring a pair for each kid and a back up pair…just in case!

It Will Suck
There will be moments when you think “Man, this sucks.” Stay calm…remember that your kids are kids! There are adults that act poorly when traveling, how can you expect a toddler to be on her best behavior? Try to focus on the fun moments! Like when you child looks out the window for the first time and sees the clouds. Or how excited they are when you land at your destination!

Good luck!! And remember, there are bars in airports…mostly they are there for passengers that are traveling with kids! So grab a glass of wine and take a deep breath!

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