basic-invite-holiday-cardsHave you started thinking about your Holiday cards? I like to get them finished before Thanksgiving. Once the holidays start, it is harder to focus on getting them ordered and sent out! Let’s not even get started on taking the perfect picture for the card!! Taking a good picture of the kiddos is hard enough…ordering your card shouldn’t be difficult! I have found a great website to order Holiday cards from…well actually they do a lot more then Holiday cards! The site is super easy to navigate and they make it very easy to customize your cards! did an amazing job and I am in LOVE with my Christmas cards this year. The quality of the paper is so nice. I was able to customize every aspect of the card too! Every family is different, so it is great they have so many options to choose from. Last time I checked, they had over 280 Holiday cards to choose from. But, don’t stress out…there is a tool on the left side of the page that helps you narrow down your search. It is a quick way to view the cards you are interested in.

Basic Invite has much more then Holiday Cards too! Everything from wedding invites to baby announcements, Basic Invite has got you covered! My favorite page on the site is the inspiration gallery. Everything on the page is so pretty and laid out so nicely! There is an idea for almost any occasion.

free-printablesIf you are last minute person or maybe just forgetful…Basic Invite has got you covered! For those of us that can not wait for something to be printed and mailed, they have a Printables page! There is everything from Wedding Planners to Onsie Month Stickers on the Printables page. And just if you thought it couldn’t get any better…there is a Free printables page! That’s right, Basic Invite has items you can customize and print for FREE!

Whatever you are looking for, check out Basic Invite today!They have what you are looking for…and much more! Want to save 15% on all orders? Use code 15FF51 today! And remember all Holiday Cards are 30% off for a limited time…just use code HOLI30 and save today!






This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. 



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