c5f4d5a52ea5d2f77e61e7bc4401439fHalloween parties are coming! Are you hosting a Halloween party? Or maybe you are the class parent for your child’s class. Halloween is a great time to create fun treats for the kids! I have put together a list of easy to make treats…yes, easy to make. Because as a working mom with 3 kids, I don’t have time to make fondant broom sticks or time to dip anything in chocolate…or whatever it is that other really creative moms do! Not bashing the super creative moms, but I just can’t…if you can, then work it mama!! If you are looking for a quick and easy thing to show up to a class party with, I got you covered!

Fill small plastic bags with mini marshmallows, tie the top with black string, and draw faces on with a Sharpie!

Take the labels off of Orange Juice containers and use a Sharpie to color faces

String cheese meets Sharpie and you have Ghosts!

Goldfish crackers put into a small clear bag and tied with a black string…again, color with a Sharpie!

Healthy alternative! Clementine Pumpkins!

Purchase plastic gloves (make sure they are Powder Free), put a candy corn in each finger tip and fill the bag with popcorn!

Coffee filter + twine + Lollipop = Lollipop ghosts!

This one is a little more invovled, but still simple! Use black pipe cleaners to create the body and glue on eyes. You will have Spider Pops!

Take the wrapper off of a water bottle and draw a face. Grab a single serve orange drink packet and tie to the top with green yarn!

Cheese Puffs in a plastic bag with green ribbon…add a face with a Sharpie!

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