Stuffed Jalapeno PeppersGot jalapeno peppers? Then you need to make these! Jalapeno peppers grow like crazy in our garden! We love spicy foods, so we plant them every year. Over the years, we have perfected our stuffed jalapeno pepper recipe. Take a look!

What you need:
~Jalapeno Peppers
~Frozen String Cheese (You can use whatever string cheese you have on hand!)

For the cheese, cut it in half long ways and then in half again. This way, they will fit into the peppers nicely. Once it is cut up, put in freezer bag and freeze for about an hour. If the cheese isn’t frozen, it will cook much faster then the peppers and bacon.

Stuffed Jalapeno peppersFirst Step:
Take all the seeds out of the peppers. You can leave some, but leaving them all will make the peppers too hot and not enjoyable to eat. You can take as little or as many out that you want. I pretty much take them all out. Our peppers are SUPER hot even with no seeds!

Second Step:
Stuff the peppers with the cheese strips.

Third Step:
Wrap in bacon. Bacon makes everything better!

stuff jalapeno peppersForth Step:
Get the grill nice and hot. Spray aluminum foil with Non Stick spray. Place the peppers on and close the lid. Once they are about finished, you can place them directly on the grill to get nice and crispy!



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