Have a better beach day Summer is here! I love the summer, it means warm weather, long days, pool, and the beach! Got little kids? I do…3 of them! Here are some useful items to bring to the beach.

Baby Powder
This magical powder is not just for bums! Baby powder is great for getting sand off of hands! Towel dry your child’s hands and then sprinkle with baby powder. Have your child rub the powder all over their hands. If you have never tried this before, prepare to be amazed! Baby powder is a must have for the beach!

This goes without saying. We apply before we put our swim suits on. If you apply sunscreen all over a naked child, chances are you aren’t going to miss a spot! I will then reapply every hour or so. Get a sun stick for their faces! I applied regular sun block to my daughter’s faces once….big mistake! They were sweating and it was getting in their eyes and burning. Sun stick is our friend!

Bring 2 more towels then you think you need. There is bound to be an incident with a towel. This past weekend, Joey was sitting with a towel wrapped around her and she walked by the water and got the towel soaked. She then deemed the towel to be unusable. Good thing mommy had a spare! There have been too many times that I have had to use the soaking wet towel because I sacrificed my towel and gave it to my girls. Lesson learned!

Tips on surviving the beach with little kidsWater
Bring water! Everyone get a water bottle. I pack them tight with ice and then fill them with water. You can also bring spares. I will freeze disposable water bottles the night before and throw them in the cooler. They make great ice packs and are good to have in case anyone runs out of water!

Not sure what it is about the beach, but the second their feet hit the sand all my girls are starving. Seriously, they could have just eaten a 7 course meal…but it never fails that they are starving at the beach. I try to pack a variety of foods. Granola bars, veggies, fruits, sandwiches, and chips are great! Bring small baggies or containers to serve your kid their snack in. I don’t let them reach into the big bag of chips with their sandy little hands! Yes, we use the baby powder…but some how they manage to sneak a sandy hand by me. Nothing worse then reaching for a veggie chip and getting a mouth full of sand! So I bring containers and give them a few at a time. This way, if they get theirs all sandy or drop it, its not the end of the world!

The dollar store is a great place to buy stuff for the beach. Your toys will get lost…it is inevitable! No point in spending $5 on a bucket that will end up floating away with the tide. I always put my last name on all the toys too. You are not the only savvy parent that bought that awesome pink bucket at the dollar store! If there is a name on it, there is no guessing! My girls also love playing pretend with figures. I like to buy the mermaids, plastic dolls, and plastic animals at the dollar store also. They will build castles and play for hours with their new toys! Of course, arms and legs are always falling off of the toys…but hey, what do you expect for a dollar!?

I always try to situate myself in 2 very important spots on the beach. The first, and most important, the life guard tower. I like knowing there are extra eyes on my kids right there! I also like to park myself by other kids. This way, my kids can go make friends and I can enjoy watching them play.

Plastic Bags
Bring a plastic bag for garbage and diapers! I usually bring a few. You can never have too many plastic bags. They are also great for putting wet bathing suits in.

beach daysUmbrella
Yes, the sun is great and you need to soak up that vitamin D…but it is good to have the option of sitting in the shade. Sometimes my girls want to sit in the shade and rest or play.

Yes, bring the fun!!! Kick back and enjoy spending time with your kids. There are no dishes or laundry calling your name. And if they are, they are back at the house…and you can’t hear them! Enjoy the beach, splash in the ocean, dig in the sand, and make sand castles!

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