Mint-Chocolate-Pudding-CupsThese pudding cups are light and delicious! I used Mint Oreos…I love MINT! You can use different flavor Oreos if you like!

1 (3.9 oz) box of instant chocolate pudding
2 cups cold milk
1 tub of Cool Whip (thawed)
15-20 Mint Oreos (Mashed up)

Whisk the pudding and milk for about 2 minutes. Fold in the 3/4 of the Cool Whip. Reserve some Cool Whip to add to the tops of the cups. Once the Cool Whip is completely folded in, put the mixture into clear plastic cups. Fill the cups about half way! Use the remaining Cool Whip as a topping. Add the crushed Oreos to the tops of the cups and put in the fridge for an hour. Everyone is sure to LOVE this! I made these for an event and left the Mint Oreos off of 2 of the cups…which worked out because a few people at the event didn’t like mint.

Mint-Chocolate-Pudding Cups
Add the remaining Cool Whip to the tops!
My awesome helper!!


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