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When you make your own DIY cleaning products you control what ingredients you use and avoid the danger which sold preparations pose. Making your own cleaning detergents will save you time and protect your health. Use the recipes and ideas presented here to substitute the harsh chemicals that are sold on the markets with natural ingredients.

DIY household cleaners

Car Upholstery Cleaner

You need three main ingredients which are cheap and easy to find to make this cleaner: Borax, soap and water. If you prefer you can add lavender essential oil to make the cleaner smell nicer. Mix and stir grated soap, boiling water and Borax (and essential oil if you intend to add) until the solution becomes foamy. Wait for the soap to dissolve in the water completely. Use this cleaning product to scrub the upholstery of your car and it will be as clean as new.

Home-made Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover

This cleaner and stain remover is excellent to be used on indoor carpets. It is made of a couple of easy to find, frugal ingredients: dish washing liquid, water, baking soda and white vinegar. Mix these together well, apply on the stains on your carpets and watch them disappear.

DIY Smart Magnetic Scrubber

This smart scrubber is perfect for cleaning the inside of any awkward shaped container – flower vases, fish tanks, etc. For making this scrubber you need a pair of two identical magnets, a sponge, a needle, threads, a sharp knife and scissors. Cut the sponge into two parts with the scissors which should have exactly the same size and shape. Make a slot in each sponge with the knife to create pockets in them. In this slot place the magnet in every sponge. Sew the magnets with a needle and thread. The smart magnetic scrubber is ready. Place one of the sponges inside the container you want to clean and the other sponge outside its surface. Move the outer sponge up and down, left and right to clean the vessel. The inside sponge will move in the container too cleaning its interior. This products are used by many companies like DeluxeCleaners Fulham.

DIT CleanersPillow Whitening Cleaning Solution

If your pillows look yellowish and not as clean and white as you want them to be, there is an easy way to restore them to originally white. Make this whitening cleaning and stain removing solution. All you need is laundry detergent, bleach, borax and powdered dish-washing detergent. Mix these ingredients to form an even solution and wash your pillows with it. They will look like new. For even better results leave your pillows to dry in the sun.

Cleaning Solution for Kitchen Wooden Cabinets and Furniture

This two-ingredient paste will ensure effective and well removing of grime and grease from kitchen cabinets and wooden furniture in the cooking area. Just mix one part vegetable oil with two parts baking soda. A thick paste should be  made which you can use to rub onto wooden furniture in the kitchen with a toothbrush. It will ensure deep cleaning of your kitchen cabinets that will look much better.


DIY Monitor/Keyboard/Smartphone Cleaning Solution

To make this solution you need equal parts of distilled water and rubbing alcohol which should be mixed well. Pour the solution in a spray bottle and apply on a soft microfibre cloth to wash screens and monitors. You can also use on keyboards. It is better to use alcohol than vinegar in this product because it takes less time to dry and doesn’t smell unpleasantly.

Baking soda, lemons, vinegar and other ingredients are essential in creating cleaning products you can use without harming your health. They are cheap, effective and great substitutes for the harsh chemicals, sold in stores. Use the recipes given here to make cleaning safer and less expensive for your family.

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