Host the perfect brunchBrunch is the best meal. Seriously, it combines all the wonderful things about eating into one delicious meal! What better day to have brunch then on Easter!? Here are some tips and tricks on how to throw an amazing Easter brunch.

Timing is everything! I once was invited to a brunch that started at noon. Um, that’s not brunch…that’s lunch! Brunch should start around 10 am / 11 am. If you want to eat at 11:00 am, tell your guests to get there around 10:30 am. This way, they can talk and get settled for 30 minutes before you serve food.

To Buffet or not to Buffet?
Why is this even a question? Okay, if for some reason you have the luxury of enjoying a sit down meal with no kids and you also have a huge table, then by all means don’t have a buffet. But, for the rest of us with kids and normal size tables…please spare us and have a buffet style meal! Put everything in one area and let people take what they want, when they want it. I don’t want to finally sit down for a meal and have to “pass the croissants” five times before taking a bite!Brunch tips and tricks

Offer a Little Bit of Everything
Brunch is a combo of breakfast and lunch, so make sure you are offering both. I went to a brunch once and there was just breakfast food. Okay, that’s not brunch, that is just late breakfast! Sorry if I sound like a brunch snob, but my brunch expectations are pretty high! Make sure to have fresh fruit, an egg dish, pastries, waffles or french toast, a meat dish, and vegetables. Click here for my Pinterest board filled with awesome brunch recipes!

Start Cooking the Day Before
Do not wait until the morning of the brunch to cook everything! Cut fruit and veggies the night before. Make the casseroles the night before…just stick in the oven in the morning! I try to make dishes that can be put together the night before and just put into the oven the morning of. There are several egg dishes and french toast dishes that you can make the night before. Check out my Pinterest board!

Create Your OwnBiscuit bar for a perfect brunch!
A create your own station is fun for guests and less work for you! Just provide the fixings and let your guests enjoy creating their own dish! Not sure what kind of “Build Your Own Bar” to offer? Here are some ideas: Mimosa bar, Bloody Mary bar, Fajita Bar, Mashed Potato Bar, Salad Bar, and Biscuit Bar. The possibilities are endless. Leave your guests with a good taste in their mouth and be known as the coolest hostess ever!

Ok, this is a sore subject. Personally, I like to use throw away dishes when I host a lot of people. Hosting a meal can be exhausting and the last thing I want to worry about is dishes. I want to enjoy the meal and my guests. So my vote is for the “good, thick” throw away dishes. I do like to use real forks and spoons though! This is your call, everyone is different. But just know this, people are at your house for the company and the food…not to judge you on what type of dish they ate off of. And if they do give you shit for using throw away dishes…hand them a real dish and tell them to wash and dry it when they’re done!

DecorDecor for the perfect Easter Brunch
The bonus to having a buffet is being able to decorate the table! If you have a sit down meal, all the decorations have to be moved away to make room for the food! So keep that in mind! There are a lot of cute decorations for Easter that you can create in a matter of minutes! Check out my Easter Pinterest board for some easy decor ideas!

Have fun!
Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the food and your guests!! Take pictures and videos. Tell stories and laugh. When it’s all done, give yourself a pat on the back…good job!

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