Plan the best Easter Egg Hunt!My girls love Easter egg hunts! What’s not to love…it’s hide and seek with candy/prizes! Here are a few tips on how to have the best Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Get eggs! The dollar store is great for buying plastic eggs and prizes/candy. Save the eggs too…no sense in getting new eggs every year!
  • Plan for weather! Spring is a tricky time of year for weather! One minute the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees, the next it’s raining and 50 degrees. Have a back up plan for inside in case the weather turns.

  • Don’t hide too far in advance. You know who likes candy? Yes, little kids…but so do animals! I know it’s tempting, but stashing your eggs the night before could result in furry friends finding them before the kids do!
  • Count the eggs! Nothing worse then thinking you have all the eggs and you really don’t!
  • Make a map. Ok, maybe not a real map. But write down where you put the eggs. If the girls don’t find all the candy ones, no big deal…but if it has a dollar in it, you better believe we aren’t leaving that one behind!Easter Egg Hunt Tips
  • Get a bucket. Or a basket or even a bag…make sure your kids have something to put the eggs in when they collect them!
  • Prize eggs! Make it interesting, put a ticket in an egg that can be cashed in for a prize! You can do one special egg or a few.
  • Have fun! Take pictures and videos of the kids running around looking for eggs! I still have the video of Nicki’s first egg hunt. Love that memory!

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