Potty seat that covers the entire toilet!  I was so excited when my first daughter became potty trained! No more diapers for her. Now, she could just go anywhere there was a restroom. Life would be so much easier! My sentiments quickly changed after her first time using a public restroom. I never knew how disgusting public restrooms really were until I was forced to let my child use it.

Over the years, my girls have learned that when we go into a public restroom we touch nothing! They have been trained to keep their hands in their pockets. When they are placed on the toilet paper covered seat, they have learned to put there hands on their knees! Every once in a while, they will forget and their hands will touch the toilet. This is when I go into full panic mode! Let the sanitizing begin!

Recently, I was sent potty covers for free in exchange for my honest opinion. My honest opinion…where were these 5 years ago!? I love these! A lot of potty covers just cover the seat. These cover the entire toilet! No more panic attacks in the public restrooms! They come 6 in a pack. I gave my husband 3 to keep with him. He tells me horror stories about when he has to take the girls to the restroom. He told me he used to hold the girls over the toilet…like in the air…not touching the seat at all! No more hovering in daddy’s arms! Love these seat covers! Click here to visit their website!


Potty seat that covers the entire toilet!

Potty seat that covers the entire toilet!

Awesome potty covers!!

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