Last_Min_giftsSHIT! Christmas is this week. I seriously lost track of the month…where did it go! I thought there was time, I really thought I had more time. Franki and Jo were sick last week, so I was sucked into the wonderful world of boogers and baby wipes….it is like a parallel universe when your kids are sick. Ok, enough about that…back to business!

It is a few days before Christmas and you need a gift…I do too. So let’s get cracking! Survey the house, check the “gift closet”, grab anything with a tag on it…let’s do this!

Chocolate on a Spoon
Its genius! Everyone loves chocolate and who doesn’t need a spoon!? To make, simply melt chocolate and dip spoon. Use crushed candy canes or sprinkles to make look pretty! Let them dry on parchment or wax paper. Wrap in clear bag and tie with a ribbon! Throw a dark chocolate and a white chocolate one in a mug with 2 packets of hot cocoa, wrap with clear plastic, and tie a bow…BAM great last minute gift!!

Smores Tower
I love smores! We always have the ingredients in our house to make smores, so this is a great last minute gift! Grab some clear boxes from a craft store. Make sure the boxes are clear! Fill and stack like the picture. Wrap with a nice ribbon and you are done!

Personalized Candle
You can grab an inexpensive candle anywhere…you might even have one laying around your house! This is super easy and looks great! Be creative, let the kids color some images and use those on the candle! Click Here for a video tutorial! 

Giving cookies is a Christmas staple! So many people love to bake and share them with others! Instead of just throwing some of your awesome homemade cookies in a Tupperware container, make an adorable basket…from a paper plate! See the image below to see how!

Kids Hand prints
When in doubt, grab some paint and your kids. Slather the paint on their hands and have them create a one of a kind piece of art! Family members will love getting a personalized gift from the kiddos!! Click here to visit my Pinterest board, I have LOTS more!

There are so many different DIY ornaments out there. I like this one the best…you get the kids involved and it’s super cute! Make sure to put the year on it too! I always like remembering when I made stuff with my kids!

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