Yesterday, my friend had us over for a Gingerbread House making play date! There were 9 kids total…ages 8 years old – 20 months. Boy is she brave! This was my first ginger bread house making experience! I had a really great time and look forward to making it a tradition every year!


I did learn a few things about making gingerbread houses. Hopefully my mistakes will help you to create the best gingerbread house!

Less is more
Don’t think that just because you are putting globs of icing on the walls that this will help it to stick together better. We had a few walls collapse yesterday and adding more icing did not help! Create a nice thick line of icing and connect the walls, hold them together, and patiently wait.


Let it dry
The excitement was too much for us! Once we got one wall together, we were on the next, and then the roof! Well, if icing doesn’t dry…it’s really just sticky, thick, sugar. I would recommend building one wall at a time, letting it dry, and then adding another wall. As for the roof, I would wait a good long time before putting that on. Make sure you have a good support structure before adding the roof!

This is what happens when you don’t let it dry before adding the roof!

My friend had so many different types of candy…my kids were in heaven! Each of the boxes came with candy, but having other varieties was so much fun! She even had mini marshmallows, pretzel rods, and licorice! I am pretty sure more of the candy was eaten by the kids (and adults) then actually went on the houses!!

She did a great job!

Have alternative for smaller kids
My friend is really great and had gingerbread men for the 3 smaller children. This was great, they still got to participate, but they were not given an entire house to eat I mean decorate!

Franki LOVED decorating!
Franki also loved eating the candy!!!

Let your kids do it!
No, it will not look like the picture on the box. It definitely won’t be pretty, but they did it…let them do it! My oldest daughter decorated her house all by herself. She is so proud of it!! My middle daughter was interested in decorating for about 5 minutes and then looked at me and said “mommy I am just going to eat the pretzels, you decorate because you like doing this kind of stuff” I really don’t know where she gets this stuff from…but OK! Thanks Joey!

My (I mean Joey’s) house!
So much fun!

Have Fun!
Sometimes when we do crafts or projects with little kids, we get caught up in trying to control the mess…well I do….and forget to have fun. My friend was great about this. Candy was falling everywhere and the table was a sticky mess! But, she kept encouraging the kids to have fun and decorate. Once it was all done, all the moms chipped in and helped clean it up. It wasn’t the end of the world that stuff was spilled or sticky! We all had a great time…that is what we will remember, not the mess!!

Merry Christmas!

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