Month: August 2016

Groupon is one stop shopping!

Groupon GoodsI love shopping online. Bringing 3 kids anywhere is a chore. Getting them in the car…getting them out of the car…making sure they don’t break anything in the store…purchasing just what I need, not what they bug me to buy…getting them back into the car…and driving home. Yeah, it’s a process! If I can spare myself trips to stores or malls, I do! I would rather spend time doing fun stuff with my girls…maybe when they are older they will like shopping with me! But for now, online it is! I recently discovered Groupon Goods. I am sure that you already use Groupon for fun activities like Escape the Room or dinner discounts. But, did you know that Groupon has so much more!? (more…)

Dear Kindergarten Parent

First Time Kindergarten Parent Your oldest child is going to Kindergarten. How do you feel about that? When asking around, I get a variety of answers. Some say they are sad. Others say they are anxious. And some say they are excited. I was the later, I was super excited for Nicki last year. Okay, so I was a little sad and a little nervous too! Now that my eldest is heading into first grade, I look back at last year and realized I learned a lot her first year of school. (more…)