Month: June 2016

Are you ready to be a mommy?

are-you-ready-to-be-a-mommyA friend recently got married and the topic of kids came up. “You going to have any kids?” I asked as my little one was climbing all over me…meanwhile I was balancing my wine glass…never spilled a drop! “I think so.” She replied. That’s not good, I thought, you can’t think you want kids…you have to KNOW. You need to be all in if you are thinking about having kids. Having kids is not like picking out a new pair of shoes. If they start annoying you, you can’t put them back in their box and put them in your closet….although that sounds tempting! So how do you know when you are ready to have kids? (more…)

Mosquito Patches…do they work?

IMG_3657We live in an area with a lot of mosquitoes! Some nights, we can not even sit outside because they are so bad! I do not like using anything with Deet. I don’t like to use it on myself and especially not on the girls! I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to repelling these awful blood sucking bugs. I like using certain sprays BUT hate that the girls then have to take a bath. I know, I know that sounds awful….but think about it. It is a beautiful summer night…the girls have been in the pool all day, so they took a bath…my husband and I are on the back patio enjoying the night and the girls want to spend 10 minutes with us before going to bed….should I spray them down or let them be eaten alive? This is where I am at an impasse. I am usually yelling at them to “get inside” because they will get eaten by mosquitoes…and they are usually yelling back that they don’t care. But we all know how that story goes. Once they get the bites, then I am stuck listening to “it itches so bad mom”. Then they itch it too much and it bleeds…its a mess! Plus, now we have to worry about the Zika virus! My head is spinning! (more…)

Have a Better Beach Day with the Kids! Tips and Tricks!

Have a better beach day┬áSummer is here! I love the summer, it means warm weather, long days, pool, and the beach! Got little kids? I do…3 of them! Here are some useful items to bring to the beach.

Baby Powder
This magical powder is not just for bums! Baby powder is great for getting sand off of hands! Towel dry your child’s hands and then sprinkle with baby powder. Have your child rub the powder all over their hands. If you have never tried this before, prepare to be amazed! Baby powder is a must have for the beach! (more…)