Month: May 2016

Weighing in on the 400 pound gorilla!

weighing in on gorillaI have taken my eyes off my children for a minute…or two…and things have happened. I lost my middle daughter when she was just 14 months old. And by lost, I mean lost…gone…heart pounding…tears streaming down my face. We were at a grand opening for a local gym facility. The place was packed…and my baby was missing. I was lucky, we found her. Did I blame myself? Yes. Did I feel like I was the¬†worst mother ever? Yes! Did I need anyone to tell me that I sucked at being a mom and that I made a mistake? No! We live in a world where people think it is okay to judge other people’s parenting. Everything, from what we feed our kids to whether or not we read to them before bed is judged. It needs to stop! (more…)

Want nice curls…with no heat?

Get cute curls without using heat!I have the worst hair! It isn’t curly and it isn’t straight…it’s just a mess! If I want it to look nice, I have to add curls to it. My hairdresser can tell you that years of using a hot wand are destroying my hair! I have breakage like you wouldn’t believe! Recently, I found out about Savvy Curls. I was super skeptical…beautiful curls without heat? Yeah, okay! When I got the band in the mail I thought it was super cute! Savvy Curls has a bunch of really nice designs to choose from. I chose the navy and white stripe.¬† (more…)

How to save more money using Groupon!

groupon couponsWe are going to Disney in November. I can not wait…it is going to be magical! What is not magical, is the cost! It is amazing how much money a trip to Disney for a family of 5 costs. We figured out that we could redo one of our bathrooms for the cost of this trip. But, let’s not think about that…Disney is magical and worth it! At least that is what I keep telling my husband! (more…)

Spicy Sweet and Sour Wings

Spicy sweet and sour wingsI was in the mood for wings the other night and made up this recipe! I made sure to measure and pay attention to what I was doing so I could post it. My hubby and I couldn’t stop eating these! Note, I use frozen wings…I honestly feel that the fresh ones get dried up too much in the oven. What makes my baked wings so good? I bake them on a cookie drying rack…this helps them to crisp up all the way around! (more…)

Take Back Mother’s Day

Take back Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day and the sun is shining…the birds are chirping…and you have just awoken from a glorious slumber. What’s that? A quiet tap on the door. “Enter” you sing sweetly as your 3 adorable children enter. Your doting husband is following closely behind carrying a tray with a single cut flower, a delicious omelette, and a mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice. Your children are giggling and hiding something behind their backs. They promptly shower you with hugs and kisses and homemade cards. Once they have finished your husband tells them to “let mom have some alone time to enjoy her breakfast.” Your children leave, but not before telling you how much they love you and blowing you air kisses! You husband sits on the edge of the bed, thanks you for all you do for your family, and presents you with the necklace you have been longing for. “Take your time getting up” he whispers “I will take the kids to the park to play.” YEAH RIGHT! Sorry to ruin it for you…but this daydream is not going to happen…not in my house any how! Let me tell you how Mother’s Day really goes down! (more…)