Month: February 2016

Easy Fossil Science Project

Easy Fossil Science ProjectThis past weekend Nicki participated in her first Science fair. It was a great experience…she loved it! They don’t do prizes or score the projects at her school. The entire event was very casual and upbeat. Visiting Scientists came and walked around to each project.

Nicki did fossils. Everyone kept asking her “why are you interested in fossils?” Truthfully, (more…)

I was asked to be a part of a New York Times Best Selling Book Series!

167497_489872512778_6671582_nRecently, I was asked to write for a project called, A Letter To My Baby. It’s part of the fourth installment of the New York Times best-selling book series, A Letter To My…. I was very excited to be asked and immediately said “yes!” I wasn’t sure how or where to begin writing this epic letter to my baby. I was told it could be addressed to all three of my girls or just one of them. After thinking for some time, I decided to write the letter to Nicki. Of course, I adore and love all my girls the same. But Nicki made me a mommy. I have had so many firsts with her, so I felt it only fitting to write this letter to her. (more…)

Make breakfast drinkable!

All of my girls love yogurt! I introduced it to them around 9 months and they all still enjoy it everyday!

Make your own drinkable yogurtWhen Nicki first start eating yogurt, she was fine with me feeding her…but we all know how that goes. She became a typical toddler and demanded to be able to feed herself. Well, toddlers and yogurt do not mix well! I didn’t have the time or energy each morning to let her make a mess with her yogurt. (more…)

Empowering my kids and sleeping in!

My girls love this remote!Brett and I were laying in bed one Sunday morning and, like clock work, the girls came running in at 6:30 am. We Rock-Paper-Scissored to see who would have to go turn the T.V. on for them. I lost. As I clumsily got out of bed and very blurry eyed turned on the T.V. I thought, there has got to be a better way! (more…)

Your baby has a fever…now what?

baby-179378_1920I will never forget Nicki’s first fever. I was scared to death. Her temperature was a 102 and I was on edge. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know what I was allowed to give her. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon and the doctor’s office was closed. Being a first time mom is tough enough, now I had a 9 month old with a fever and had no idea what to do! Luckily, I have always had a really good support system of friends. I called one of my friends and she said to come over. Her brother in law (who was in med school) was over and he would take a look at Nicki. Turns out it was a simple ear infections and Nicki lived to see another day. (more…)

Always buy washable markers!

IMG_0468“Oh no!” I hear from the other room. My mind begins to race. I was only gone for a second. I have been in the kitchen for maybe 2 minutes tops. All I wanted was a glass of water. “What is it?” I yell back from the kitchen. “Mommy, Franki is in trouble!” my eldest daughter chants. I brace myself for what I am going to see. I didn’t hear a crash, there is no crying, and no one is screaming. The odds are in my favor, right? I hear their foot steps coming down the hall. Whatever this is, it is portable…this mishap is coming to me. Still bracing myself. “Ut oh” I hear Franki say as they round the corner. (more…)

Want to be a product tester?

How to become a product testerCompanies are always looking to get their new products in the hands of real consumers to get honest opinions. Being a product tester is a great opportunity to get free products and test new products…sometimes before they are available to the public! Since starting my blog, I have received so many free products and have gotten paid for my opinion on several occasions. Here is a list of sites I am a product tester for and sites that offer survey opportunities! (more…)

How to throw a great in home birthday party!

Picture1I love birthday parties! I really don’t know what it is, but I love them so much! Seeing my girls happy and excited makes it all worth it! We like to have their parties at the house too. I have thought about doing them at a place, but there is something about having it at home. Over the past 5 years I have had some really great parties for them and learned a great deal too! (more…)

Easy Pad Thai recipe

IMG_0779I made this last night WITH a toddler on my hip….so that should show how easy it is! You can add meat or tofu to this. I wasn’t in the mood for either last night. This recipe is really easy. You can make a lot of the sauce and freeze it for the future. This way, when you are in the mood for Pad Thai, you just have to thaw it out and warm it up! (more…)