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Fall Boots Are a Must!

zooshoo-bootsFall is here. Fall means pumpkin spiced lattes, crisp air, and fall boots! I love living in an area that has weather changes each season. As much as I enjoy the summer, it is nice to throw on leggings, a cute top, and boots! Recently, I was sent a pair of ZooShoo boots for a discounted rate to review. How did they measure up? (more…)

Groupon is one stop shopping!

Groupon GoodsI love shopping online. Bringing 3 kids anywhere is a chore. Getting them in the car…getting them out of the car…making sure they don’t break anything in the store…purchasing just what I need, not what they bug me to buy…getting them back into the car…and driving home. Yeah, it’s a process! If I can spare myself trips to stores or malls, I do! I would rather spend time doing fun stuff with my girls…maybe when they are older they will like shopping with me! But for now, online it is! I recently discovered Groupon Goods. I am sure that you already use Groupon for fun activities like Escape the Room or dinner discounts. But, did you know that Groupon has so much more!? (more…)

Mosquito Patches…do they work?

IMG_3657We live in an area with a lot of mosquitoes! Some nights, we can not even sit outside because they are so bad! I do not like using anything with Deet. I don’t like to use it on myself and especially not on the girls! I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to repelling these awful blood sucking bugs. I like using certain sprays BUT hate that the girls then have to take a bath. I know, I know that sounds awful….but think about it. It is a beautiful summer night…the girls have been in the pool all day, so they took a bath…my husband and I are on the back patio enjoying the night and the girls want to spend 10 minutes with us before going to bed….should I spray them down or let them be eaten alive? This is where I am at an impasse. I am usually yelling at them to “get inside” because they will get eaten by mosquitoes…and they are usually yelling back that they don’t care. But we all know how that story goes. Once they get the bites, then I am stuck listening to “it itches so bad mom”. Then they itch it too much and it bleeds…its a mess! Plus, now we have to worry about the Zika virus! My head is spinning! (more…)

Want nice curls…with no heat?

Get cute curls without using heat!I have the worst hair! It isn’t curly and it isn’t straight…it’s just a mess! If I want it to look nice, I have to add curls to it. My hairdresser can tell you that years of using a hot wand are destroying my hair! I have breakage like you wouldn’t believe! Recently, I found out about Savvy Curls. I was super skeptical…beautiful curls without heat? Yeah, okay! When I got the band in the mail I thought it was super cute! Savvy Curls has a bunch of really nice designs to choose from. I chose the navy and white stripe.  (more…)

How to save more money using Groupon!

groupon couponsWe are going to Disney in November. I can not wait…it is going to be magical! What is not magical, is the cost! It is amazing how much money a trip to Disney for a family of 5 costs. We figured out that we could redo one of our bathrooms for the cost of this trip. But, let’s not think about that…Disney is magical and worth it! At least that is what I keep telling my husband! (more…)

What’s In Your Baby Wipes?

What's in your baby wipesIf you have a baby, toddler, or even a grown kid…chances are you have baby wipes in your house! We have baby wipes in every bathroom in our house. I keep a small thing of baby wipes in my car and in my purse! Need to wipe something up, grab a baby wipe…daughter has chocolate on her face, grab a baby wipe…need to wipe your child’s hands, grab a baby wipe. But do we really know what is in our baby wipes? (more…)

Does All Natural Deodorant Work?

All Natural Deodorant Are you looking for an all natural deodorant that actually works? I know I was! This post is 100% not sponsored…I did not get this for free and was not asked to write this by the Piper Wai company. I am just so passionate about products that I love, I have to share this! I was watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago and saw Piper Wai on the show. I have tried SEVERAL all natural deodorants and they never work. I was skeptical at first, but read a lot of reviews about Piper Wai so I figured I would give it a try. Due to the popularity of the Shark Tank episode, the deodorant was on back order. After waiting about 2 weeks, it finally arrived! I was so excited. I read the directions and applied it. (more…)

Have a Dog or a Cat? You need this!!

Pet-grooming-gloveWe recently adopted a cat…he is the sweetest cat! We picked him because he lets the girls pick him up and he never gets upset or growls at them. When I brought him home the first thing my husband said was “why did you get one with such long hair?” I explained that I chose him based on his personality more then the way her looked. But after a few days, I understood my husband’s concern. Diesel has long hair and sheds a lot! The girls wanted to help groom him but they had trouble with the brush. When I was offered the Per Grooming Glove for free in exchange for my honest opinion…I jumped at the chance to review it! (more…)