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St Patty’s Day Lunch Box Treats!

da36f18b66972a4044147917b50cf972St Patrick’s Day is just a few days away! Here is a collection of fun snacks and treats you can whip up for your little ones! A lot of these items you might already have on hand! Make their day extra special by adding a St Patrick’s themed snack to their lunch! (more…)

Easter Egg Hunt Tips!

Plan the best Easter Egg Hunt!My girls love Easter egg hunts! What’s not to love…it’s hide and seek with candy/prizes! Here are a few tips on how to have the best Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Get eggs! The dollar store is great for buying plastic eggs and prizes/candy. Save the eggs too…no sense in getting new eggs every year!
  • Plan for weather! Spring is a tricky time of year for weather! One minute the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees, the next it’s raining and 50 degrees. Have a back up plan for inside in case the weather turns.


Think outside the Easter Basket!

Think outside the Easter Basket!Easter is coming! I feel like it comes earlier and earlier each year! We are not big candy people, so I am always trying to find alternatives for their baskets. Chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, and basically anything fun to play with outside are always included. The Dollar Store is great for finding stuff for Easter Baskets!

This year I wanted to try something a little different. Sure, the basket is great…but why not think outside the basket this year!? Here are some great ideas for alternative Easter baskets. (more…)

Want to be organized for next Christmas?

When you have more than 1 child of the same gender, you can save outfits and pass them down the line! There is nothing better then buying a few Christmas shirts and being able to use them for several years. This is a huge benefit to having 3 girls…we just keep passing the outfits down!

A mistake I made after Nicki’s first Christmas was putting her Christmas dresses and shirts away in the bin with the same size clothes. If you are as OCD as me, you probably have bins of clothes in the attic labeled with sizes. I thought I was doing a good thing when I put her Christmas outfits in the bin with the other winter clothes of the same size. Well, a few years later, Joey was ready to wear those Christmas outfits but, she was not wearing the same size. So I was up in the attic digging through bins (because I forgot what bin I put them in) until I found all the Christmas outfits. That is when I learned…make a Christmas bin. And a Halloween bin….and an Easter bin….pretty much whatever Holiday you celebrate, make a bin!

Here are pictures of our Christmas bin. In the bin are all the dresses and shirts that fit or will fit my girls. Anything they have outgrown get donated. When the Holidays roll around, I just have to go into the appropriate bin and grab what I need. This has also come been useful when friends or family want to borrow something…no more digging around in the attic!

FullSizeRender (5)



Need a last minute gift?!

Last_Min_giftsSHIT! Christmas is this week. I seriously lost track of the month…where did it go! I thought there was time, I really thought I had more time. Franki and Jo were sick last week, so I was sucked into the wonderful world of boogers and baby wipes….it is like a parallel universe when your kids are sick. Ok, enough about that…back to business!

It is a few days before Christmas and you need a gift…I do too. So let’s get cracking! Survey the house, check the “gift closet”, grab anything with a tag on it…let’s do this!


Do you hate wrapping presents?!

I am guessing that I am not the only one…hence why gift bags are so popular! I don’t remember the last time my girls got a present that wasn’t in a gift bag. So why wrap presents for Christmas? I know, I know…so many people tell me “It’s more exciting if they are wrapped” Last time I checked my girls didn’t spend time looking at a nicely wrapped present saying “mommy this is beautiful…I am so excited it is wrapped!” Pretty sure they were more interested in what was inside then how it looked.

A few years ago I sat starring at Nicki’s Christmas gifts and thought, I do not want to wrap these. I glanced at my Santa wrapping paper and there it was, right on the wrapping paper…a Santa bag. The jolly bearded man was carrying a sack with presents inside! And guess what? They weren’t wrapped. That is when it happened…that is when we became a “non wrapping” house!

If he doesn’t have to wrap, I’m not either!

No, we don’t just throw unwrapped toys under the tree and let the girls fend for themselves! We use Santa sacks! We keep them in a special place and then ask Reed (our Elf on the Shelf) to bring them to Santa on December 23rd. This way, Santa can fill them up and return Christmas Eve night!

My girls love this and have never asked why there presents aren’t wrapped! Christmas morning, they run to their Santa sacks and get so excited pulling each new toy out! Some of you might be shaking your head thinking “man that mom is lazy” or “I love wrapping presents”. Well then CHEERS to you! But remember this, while you are wrapping presents, I will be sipping wine doing something else….most definitely not wrapping presents!! Oh and when you need 18 garbage bags to throw away the wrapping paper Christmas morning, I don’t…just saying! Merry Christmas!!

This was 2 years ago. Note the Santa Sacks. The girls also got a few large gifts that year (doll house, kitchen, and high chair)

Want to join the Non Wrapping Club? Check out to purchase a sack today!!

Is Santa real?

It’s that time of year. This question may be flying around your dinner table right now! What do you say? Do you keep the lie going? My opinion, yes…please do! When my sister and I were playing hide and seek, we found the presents. There they were, in a black garbage bag behind the cabinet in the dining room. Looking back, I feel so bad for my dad. We cornered my poor father in the car. He was alone, and we asked…”daddy you know how you tell us we shouldn’t lie?” Long pause from my dad. “Well, we found the presents and want to know if there is a Santa.” My poor father. He came clean…that was it. At the ripe young ages of 7 and 6, my sister and I found out there was no Santa. And just like that, Christmas changed for us, forever.


Don’t let this happen to you. Hide the gifts…and do a good job please! First and foremost, make sure the gifts are wrapped. If your kids can read, do not I repeat, do not put their names and “from Santa” on the gifts! When we found the gifts, I could read. And there it was, plain as day “to Chrissy, from Santa.” Had the gifts just been wrapped with nothing written on them, my parents could have easily played it off. “Oh those? Those are for donations.” or “those are for other people.” How are you going to know who the gift goes to if it isn’t labeled? Use different wrapping paper for each member of the family. If the kids do find them, you now need to re-wrap all the presents! I know, I know…it’s a pain. But you only have yourself to blame. You should have hid them better!

If the gifts aren’t wrapped yet, you could very easily tell your kids that they are for the Toys for Tots drive they are running at your work. Thank them for finding them and promptly put them in your trunk of your car. If you have an Elf on the Shelf, scold him for hiding the donations! Oh that silly Elf!


Another option is it tell them that you are going to come clean. Sit them down and explain that Santa can’t possibly cover the entire globe in one night. He is an overweight senior citizen for crying out loud. So, he gets them to you house early. How? Well, this is where that nifty Elf on the Shelf comes in handy. Tell them that the Elf has been bringing presents with him every night for the past several nights. Bam, perfect lie! Everyone is happy.


Regardless of how it goes down, good luck! Think on your feet and don’t let them see you sweat. Don’t hesitate and don’t stutter. Kids can smell fear…you got this! Pick a lie and go with it…till the end…till the bitter end! You need to be in it for the long game. All said and done, your kids will thank you. Keeping the tradition of Santa alive is magical. I love that my kids believe. I hope they continue to believe for a very long time!