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Workout Journey…Day 10

you-can-do-itOkay, I skipped a few days. I needed a day off on Friday. I don’t know if it was mental or physical, but I knew I needed it! Saturdays and Sundays I can’t work out because of my husband’s work schedule. Last night I told my husband to set the alarm, “I am going to go to boot camp tomorrow.” He set the alarm. It’s funny how motivated I am at 9:00 PM at night! The idea of getting up in the morning didn’t seem so bad. But damn, when that alarm went off at 5:00 AM….oh the pain! But, it was like a well rehearsed dance…I was back at this morning! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 9

Groundhog-Day-Movie-stills-51I feel like Harold Ramis is directing my life…everyday is the same. Now I know how Bill Murray felt in Groundhog Day! Alarm goes off, get up, go pee, get dressed, grab keys, grab water bottle, and out the door. I can see how people give up and stop working out. It is so much easier to lay back down and go back to sleep instead of getting up and working out. (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 8

coffee-break-1291381The honeymoon phase is over. I was told this might happen. Today my husband woke me up at 4:58 AM and I told him “I need a day off”. There was no amount of self motivation that was getting me up today. Then, 2 minutes later, the alarm went off. I thought about the people in my boot camp class and how they are all getting up and getting ready…so I did it. I got up, went pee, got dressed, grabbed my water bottle (no bathroom sink water for me today), and I was out the door. Today I was tired…I didn’t go to bed late and I didn’t have any wine last night. All my kids are sick with a Spring cold right now…thinking I am fighting that off! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 7

suck-it-up-so-someday-you-wont-suck-it-inHad a glass of wine last night…mistake! Before working out, I would have a glass of red wine after the girls went to bed almost every night…don’t judge, it is good for your cholesterol! Anyways, since starting to work out, I haven’t had wine during the week. One of my friends stopped by last night and brought wine. Of course I couldn’t let her drink alone. So, I had one glass…it tasted like heaven…lush, Cabernet heaven! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 6

dont-quitI had to take the weekend off because of my husband’s work schedule. Sleeping until 6:30 AM on Saturday was amazing! I felt like a million bucks! And then around noon, I felt like I hit a wall. It was so strange…but I felt awful. My husband and I wanted to go out for dinner and I told him that I needed a nap first! Sunday there were no boot camp classes, so going wasn’t an option. And again, I felt super tired on Sunday. Exercise has really changed me for the better! I have more energy and I am happier! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 5

stop-making-excusesGoing into to this whole experience, I told myself that I needed to do it 5 days in a row. I don’t know why, but 5 days in a row was my goal. I felt like if I could get up early and workout 5 days in a row…then I could continue doing it. I can look back on this week and tell myself “hey, you did it already so you can do it again!” Today was day 5 and I made it! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 4

sweat-fat-cryingI am waiting for it to get easier to wake up in the morning. Seriously, so many people get up at 5:00 AM every day. HOW DO THEY DO IT!? My husband fell asleep on the couch last night…so when the alarm went off, I was on my own. It was so tempting to roll over and just go back to sleep. “I can have 1 day off. No, you are already awake just get up. But, I am so tired. Come on, you said you were going to do this…get up. Ugh, it hurts. You will feel great once you are done.” This was my conversation with myself this morning. I guess I am a good motivator, because it worked! (more…)

Workout Journey…Day 3

moms-can-run-tooI remember getting up but I don’t remember the drive to the gym. Seriously, I think I was on auto pilot. I got into the car, cursed the seats for being so cold, and poof I was there! I was greeted by smiling faces, so that’s a plus. It’s crazy how happy people are first thing in the morning. But those smiles quickly faded and turned to determined sweaty faces! (more…)

My Workout Journey…Day 2

mommys-work-outFor some unknown and awful reason I woke up at 3:20 am this morning. How do I know the exact time? I was wide awake. I did fall back to sleep, thank God! But then at 3:58 am my toddler decided to wake up, get out of her crib, and come to my room. She was fine, maybe she had a bad dream. She went back to bed with no issues. But now, I was wide awake. (more…)

My Workout Journey…Day 1

How moms work outBefore kids, I was in great shape. I loved my body…seriously, loved it! Fast forward 6 years and 3 kids…now I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. Ok, that is a bit extreme..but seriously where did my tight body go?! So many people tell me “you look great”, but I don’t feel great. I know my body will never be like it was before kids, but I know it can be better. We were looking at old pictures the other day and I was shocked by the way I used to look. Seeing myself in the pictures was enough for me to want to change. I made up my mind…I am going to get fit! (more…)