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Easy Fossil Science Project

Easy Fossil Science ProjectThis past weekend Nicki participated in her first Science fair. It was a great experience…she loved it! They don’t do prizes or score the projects at her school. The entire event was very casual and upbeat. Visiting Scientists came and walked around to each project.

Nicki did fossils. Everyone kept asking her “why are you interested in fossils?” Truthfully, (more…)

Foil Art

Foil_ArtThis is a fantastic craft to do with the kids! My 3 1/2 year old loved this just as much as my 5 year old! Having to use Sharpies made me nervous, but the girls did a great job!


Need a last minute gift?!

Last_Min_giftsSHIT! Christmas is this week. I seriously lost track of the month…where did it go! I thought there was time, I really thought I had more time. Franki and Jo were sick last week, so I was sucked into the wonderful world of boogers and baby wipes….it is like a parallel universe when your kids are sick. Ok, enough about that…back to business!

It is a few days before Christmas and you need a gift…I do too. So let’s get cracking! Survey the house, check the “gift closet”, grab anything with a tag on it…let’s do this!


Get Creative with Scarves and Gloves

Winter is coming…and with it, scarves, hats, and gloves! My house was over run last year with missing mittens and hats! After being overwhelmed with making sure all 3 girls were warm enough for their daily adventure, I sought out to make my life easier this winter. I knew what I had in mind and went to my favorite place, Ross! Sure enough, there is was in all of its glory….behold my winter accessory storage piece! I love it!

I bought mine with the awesome chalkboard labels. But you could easily add them to anything you find!
I love this! Everything fits perfectly! No more hunting for gloves!

If you are having similar issues, find a solution that fits your lifestyle! Good luck!

Fall Tree Craft

Fall_Tree_CraftAfter looking through Pinterest, my girls and I decided to do Fall trees as our craft last night. There are a few different variations of this craft floating around. Because Joey is 3 1/2 and Nicki is 5, their skill levels are different. Nicki is very artistic and Joey likes to make a mess. I really liked the way the tree looked with the wine corks but figured it would be difficult for Joey to handle that, so I differentiated. Joey used bottle cleaners and Nicki used the corks. I am so happy that I let them each do it differently. It was fun to see how the trees turned out. (more…)

How to make awesome book shelves from spice racks!

Are they spice racks? Not any more! I found these spice racks at Ikea. They come unfinished which is great! You can customize them any way you want to! I went to Home Depot and got an antique white stain. I have never stained anything in my life, but was up for the challenge! I wanted them to look rustic, so the stain isn’t perfect….which I like!

The very top shelves have my oldest daughter’s art supplies. I found metal grated cups at Target for $1 each! They are perfect! We put these items up high so her younger sisters don’t get into them!


The wall decals are from Hobby Lobby. The ottoman is from Restoration Hardware.

Oh wait, it’s a crate!

I love my new shelves in my bathroom! I found these inexpensive crates at Ross and had my husband hang them for me. (I have an issue with hanging things straight!) Then I went back to Ross…man I love Ross…and bought cute things to fill the shelves! Total cost for everything was under $50! Can’t beat that!!!